Hi, my name is Sion (Zion) , the new pastor at NWCRC and have started in January of 2020. I am taking a newly created position of Pastor of Faith Formation. I have served at different churches leading elementary and youth in the last 8 years of church ministry involvement. Most recently, I have served in Joyful Fellowship church as the children’s pastor from 2013-2019. For education, I have gone to Columbia Bible College and have a diversity of experiences and training with a BA in Worship Arts. This has allowed me to explore fields such as Biblical studies, Counselling (Conflict Management and relationship studies), intercultural studies (Cultural Anthropology), Worship and Arts, and youth issues.

With this new position at NWCRC, I hope to bring unity amongst the many young generations at the church, making a bridge between the nursery, Sunday school, Junior Youth, Senior Youth, and their jump into young adulthood. Moreover, I pray that this ministry will allow the children of NWCRC to find their foundation in Christ and live their lives to the fullest through Him.