All of us experience seasons of struggle in our lives.

These seasons can be experienced in times of sickness, grief, broken relationships, addictions, parenting struggles, etc., and whenever they come, they are most difficult when you have to walk through them alone. Consider speaking to one of our pastors. Pastoral counseling is a special relationship built on confidentiality, mutual respect and open communication. Our pastors can pray with you, and help you clarify and identify problems so that you can move towards a place of healing. Whether you are searching for spiritual direction, understanding, practical support, personal counseling, pre-marital counseling, or marriage counseling, we can help by meeting with you and as required make appropriate referrals to Christian therapists / counselors. We are here to encourage your relationship with God through the transitions, changes, sorrows and challenges in life. Please phone us or fill out the form below and our Pastoral staff will contact you.

Some Christian Counseling practices that we support and/or work with are:

Burnaby Counseling Group

Cascade Christian Counseling