Sermon Discussion Guide on 2024




Spring Sermon Series “Prayer: The Most Important Part

The sermon series “Prayer: The Most Important Part” is based on the Lord’s Prayer as summarized in the Heidelberg Catechism.




Sermon Discussion Guide on 2024 Lent Series “The Upside Down Way of Jesus

This year’s Lenten sermon series “The Upside Down Way of Jesus” will explore several of the paradoxes found in the Bible and thereby highlight the “upside-down” way of Jesus. In Lent, as we move towards Good Friday and Easter, we culminate in the truth that through death comes life! Each Sunday, we will look at practical aspects of Biblical paradoxes that, by God’s grace, will form us more and more into the image of Christ.










Sermon Discussion Guide on “A Tangible Display Community” (Winter 2024)

During January 7-February 11, 2024 we went through the sermon series: “A Tangible Display Community.” This series was based on our congregation’s Mission statement and our four Ministry Priorities.







Sermon Discussion Guide on “1 Corinthians: How Faith Informs Our Daily Lives” (Fall 2023)