Who we are:

Senior Youth is the youth ministry of New West Church for students grades 8-12. This youth program is open to young people who live in the surrounding neighbourhoods of Burnaby and New West.

Why we exist:

The purpose of our ministry is to provide a place where spiritual growth happens. Our leaders see themselves in partnership with parents, given the communal task of fostering the faith of the next generation. Teenage years are some of the most formative—and challenging—years, and we want to have a place where teens can meet Christ in the midst of these.

What we’re all about:

Discipleship: Here leaders meet together with youth to talk about issues of faith and culture, to read Scripture, to encourage one another, and to pray.

Community: Activities like campouts, skiing, barbecues, games nights, overnighters, and city wide scavenger hunts.

Service: Serving our neighbourhood in Burnaby, New West, and Surrey, as well as global communities, is an important part of our vision.

Worship:  Led by Pastor Sion, youth are mentored and equipped to be passionate worshipers and worship leaders.


What Youth are Saying:

_MG_5731“The first time I join , everyone was so welcoming. It made me feel like I had been accepted”

“I learnt so much about God. Even though it’s getting new youth to come, it’s not a show.”

“It’s been very comforting to me to know that during the week I can come here to godly place where I won’t be judged, and where I can discover new things.”

“Participating in the Honduras mission trip changed my views on the world of poverty, and it make realize that I could have an impacted on other people”

“Being here keeps me on track in my faith journey.”