Multicultural fellowship that
Opens doors for
Serving and building friendships with
Appreciation of cultures and
Intentional growth and prayer with the body of

MOSAIC is a diverse multicultural group of people that meet together to build friendships through Bible Study, mentorship, serving others, and many fun activities.  International students and scholars are warmly welcome to Sunday worship and invited to luncheons after the service to interact with members of our congregation. Weekly Bible study/small groups are also ongoing to help internationals learn about Christian disciplines and help them grow in faith.  Participation with church members of all ages is encouraged with planned activities to bridge friendships like the yearly International Ping Pong tournament, Chinese New Year luncheon, Nowruz Persian New Year Celebration, the Young Adults camping trip, and many more!

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Lunar New Year Party with Douglas FOCUS Club!
MOSAIC Lunch Fellowship at the Hoyer’s
Christmas dinner at the Van Ryk’s
MOSAIC Lunch Fellowship and Emma and Lena’s place
Picnic celebration for Quinn’s baptism!
Movie outing!
Join us!