In the time of difficulty when COVID cases were rising in April, Triple Blessing was a wonderful way churches could bless and stand together with our neighbours. Currently, we are again experiencing an even more difficult time with the second wave of COVID cases and we want to remember and support the care home workers we have begun relationships with.   Of the 8 care homes that we supported from April through July, 7 of them have had or are currently dealing with active COVID cases. 

We praise God that we can work together with Westminster Bible Chapel (WBC) and continue the “Triple Blessing” initiative during this Christmas season.  May the Lord bless each home, each meal, and each life that is touched with the love of Christ that has come to us since the first Christmas.


“Triple Blessing”

“Triple Blessing” was a community engagement project facilitated by New Westminster CRC and Westminster Bible Chapel.  Our hope is to bless our shared neighbourhood during this challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is it? Extending encouragement to care-home workers in neighbourhood care-home facilities by giving a free boxed meal bought from local, small, family-run eateries struggling to stay in business during COVID-19 outbreak.


Why “Triple Blessing?”

1. You are blessed when you give to those in need!

2. Workers in care homes are encouraged because you remember them (remember, about 50% of COVID related deaths are in care homes).

3. Small businesses get a lift from the financial crisis through the food bought from your giving.


A donation of $10 had provided one boxed meal to a care-home staff person, 100% of donations were used to purchasing meals!

It is our hope to bless as many front-line care-home workers as possible through this practical, and tasty, gift of encouragement!

From April to July, over $12,000 has been donated and 1,043 meals have been provided, 8 care homes have been served, and 6 family-owned restaurants have been supported!


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From the New West Record: Click to read article

New West Christian Reformed Church helps local restaurants, care home workers


On Thursday, April 23rd, we were able to deliver the first batch of dinner boxes from a small family-run eatery to Normanna Care Home, both located in Burnaby. We hope and pray that this has been an encouragement to all and a small token of our appreciation to the small businesses and care home staff in our community. And we hope this will be the first of many deliveries made possible through generous donations by the broader community! Let’s share this blessing with many care-homes and eateries in our neighbourhood!