NWCRC 2021-2022 Sermon and Discipleship Series:
“Come and See… Our World Belongs to God!”

September of 2021, we started a Discipleship Initiative called “Come and See…” : Come, listen, study, participate, and grow as we reflect on the story of the Bible – the true story of the whole world as it is summarized in the wonderful contemporary testimony called “Our World Belongs to God“.

This discipleship journey includes a new Sermon Series, Sunday School curriculum, vibrant small groups, discipleship manual, and weekly devotionals for family worship!

The spring 2022 small group meetings (online/in-person) will start again on the week of April  24, 2022, and accompany sermons each Sunday for the next ten weeks.

Please talk to Pastor Jun if you are interested or have any questions regarding the “Come and See… Our World Belongs to God!” Small Group!


What is a Small Group?

A small group is a gathering of 5-12 people, who meet (often in homes throughout Burnaby, New West, and Surrey) to offer mutual acceptance, support for each other’s goals and encouragement for life’s challenges. Small Group meetings may discuss the Bible, or other books with a spiritual focus to discover truths for their own lives and to pray for one another. Joining a group simply means committing to being there when the group meets and in that way you encourage each other.

Our Vision for Small Groups

Small groups are places where you can find acceptance, hospitality, friendship, discipleship and openness while newcomers and non-members grow alongside existing church members.