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Facilities & Rentals

Facility Reservations

In order to serve the broader community of Burnaby, New West, we are willing to rent our Sanctuary or Meeting Hall for special occasions including:

Weddings & Wedding Receptions (Approval is required as weddings must comply with our “Statement on Marriage and Facility Use Policy”)

Conferences and Meetings


Banquets / Parties


Sanctuary, Meeting Hall, Kitchen, Changing Rooms $600
Sanctuary and limited use of other space $500
Sanctuary only $400
Meeting Hall & Kitchen $300
Top Floor of the Beehive $200
Custodial Fee (applicable for each event) $80
Rehearsal Fee (limited to 3 hours – if done on a separate date from event) $80
Use of facilities beyond 8 hours (from opening to closing the doors) $100
Damage Deposit may be applicable (on a separate cheque) 50% of the facility rental fee


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