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Vacation Bible School

A Burnaby children’s program!

Each summer, together with the Indonesian Evangelical Church, our congregation hosts a Vacation Bible School program for age 4 through Grade 5. This week is filled with singing, skits, Bible stories, games, activities, and crafts all designed to teach children about the love of Jesus Christ. This program is available for everyone at no cost.

Vacation Bible School (originally scheduled for July 8 –  12, 2013) has been cancelled for this year. We want to apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you.

Some unforeseen church repairs have arisen. Our church is getting a much needed roof replacement on the sanctuary in the month of July, and unfortunately, they cannot wait until after VBS is over to do the work, or stop work for that week. That means that if we were to go ahead with VBS as planned, there would be dangerous scaffolding and work equipment on the grounds of the church, and we would not be able to use the Beehive. The sanctuary itself would really not be usable either, as the noise and dust would be very distracting. In past years, with the use of the Beehive AND the sanctuary, we are already tight for space, so this is not feasible for us. We have considered a few other options, but none that allow us to host a safe and hospitable VBS, other than changing the week which is not feasible for the VBS Coordinators this summer.

The theme will be saved for next year, so we welcome you to sign up again in 2014 for VBS. Again, we would like to offer you our apologies, but we hope to see you next year.

If there were some people who would like to run with the theme and plan VBS for another week of this summer (perhaps early August), then we could give you all our plans and we would be HAPPY for you to run it without us! But we know that it is a big job, so at this point, our plan is to save this theme and bring it back next year. The good news is, we have a head start over a year in advance for next summer’s VBS!!

Our 2012 theme was “Creation Celebration.”

VBS 2012 from NWCRC on Vimeo.