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Parent Handbook

Daily Program

Philosophy of Play

We believe that children learn through varying play experiences and it is essential for children to have vast opportunities to create, role play, explore and experiment. Sometimes in our society, play is not appreciated as it does not appear directly productive. However, it is only through playing that children learn about others, themselves, and the world around them.


Activities will be open-ended and the child will be free to meet and respond to the activity in a self-determined way.

Gradual Entry

We have a policy of gradual entry in September, in which a child is gradually introduced to our program. Letters are mailed in mid-August informing you of dates and times.


The preschool will be closed for all statutory holidays, and follows John Knox Christian School’s schedule for Christmas break, Spring break, and year-end.

Toys from Home

We have one ‘Show and Tell’ day per month. Please do not allow your child to bring toys from home except on these special days.

Special Events

A one-time special event fee of $35.00 will be collected in September to cover field trips and special event costs during the year.


A newsletter will be distributed at the beginning of each month informing you of program themes, field trips, etc. As well, special announcements are posted on the parent bulletin board (located above the cubbie area).

Birthday Celebrations

If you wish, we will celebrate your child’s birthday at the preschool. We’ll bring out the big birthday candle and sing “Happy Birthday”. Feel free to bring a ‘special treat’ (e.g. rice crispie squares cookies, cupcakes, Timbits, etc.) to share. Please remember no nuts or coconut.

Health and Safety


To promote a healthy diet and good dental care, we ask that you send only fruit, vegetables, cheese and crackers, yogurt, rice cakes, non-sugar cereal, etc. and non-carbonated drinks. Definitely no candy, chips, bars (including granola, cereal, etc.), fruit leather, or fruit roll-ups. Please keep staff informed if your child has or develops any food allergies. (Exceptions – Special Events/Birthdays/etc.). The preschool is a NUT FREE ZONE due to severe allergies. Please do not send peanut butter or any kind of nuts or coconut for snack. In addition to providing healthy choices for your preschooler, we also request that you cut grapes and wiener pieces in half. These foods present a significant choking hazard when served whole.

Chewing Gum

We do not allow chewing gum in the preschool.

Fire and Earthquake Policy

We are prepared to care for the children in the event of a critical situation. Procedures are posted in the centre. The centre will maintain an earthquake kit and a first aid kit at all times. Staff have First Aid training. If you have any questions, please feel free to speak with the staff.


Please send your child in comfortable and casual clothing so that there need be no worry about paint or glue spills. Footwear must be sturdy with non-slip soles. On wet days, if your child is wearing boots, please send inside shoes. The children will spend some time outdoors unless it is raining.


Please do not send your child to school if any of the following symptoms are occurring:
•    The child is unable to participate in our typical daily schedule (including active, quiet, indoor and outdoor activities)
•    The child has an infectious illness, the child has signs of nausea, a rash, discharging eyes, fever, diarrhea, or a sever cough/cold
If, while at the centre, any of the above symptoms occur, or are noticed, the parent/guardian will be contacted to pick up their child immediately. If the staff is unable to contact the parent/guardian, we will attempt to contact the emergency persons listed on the child’s registration form. Please keep staff informed of health related issues (e.g. head lice, communicable disease, etc.) so we can take appropriate precautions.

Centre Policies

Arrival and Departure

Our staffs require preparation time. The preschool door will be opened five minutes prior to class starting. A late pick-up for your child will result in the following fine: five minute grace period, then $10.00 for the next 15 minutes (or part thereof) and $1.00 per minute after that.

Sign In/Out Sheet

Parents or caregivers are required to sign this sheet upon arrival and when picking up a child. This sheet can be found on top of the cubbies near the main entrance. Please ensure all persons arriving to pick-up your child are listed on the registration form. Your child will not be released to persons not listed. Under emergency circumstances a parent may phone to say she/he is sending an alternate person. In that case, the staff may call back the parent to confirm and may require photo identification from the alternate person.

Parent/Teacher Communication

If you wish to discuss your child’s progress or have any questions or concerns, please check with the teacher for a mutually convenient time. We cannot discuss a child’s progress while the child is present.


In case of snow, please call 604-521-6601. We will leave a message on our answering service to confirm if we are closed.


Two weeks notice is required if you decide to withdraw your child from the preschool. If, during the course of the current school year, we do not receive fees and/or are unable to contact you for a period of two weeks, we may assume this to be your notification of termination with us and may reassign your spot to another family.


The staff may take whatever steps necessary to obtain emergency medical aid if warranted. These steps may include, but are not limited to the following:
•    Attempt to contact a parent/guardian, or any of the persons designated as an emergency contact on the registration form
•    Attempt to contact the family physician
•    Call an ambulance
•    Have the child taken to the nearest emergency hospital
Any of the expenses incurred by the above will be the responsibility of the child’s family or guardian.
In accordance with the Child Care Licensing Regulation and Child, Family and Community Service Act, all persons (child care providers, family members, and the general public) are required to report child abuse and neglect to the proper authorities.

Guidance Statement

We believe that each child is created in God’s likeness and is a unique individual, deserving to be treated with love and respect.
We believe that in order to develop to his/her fullest potential, a child needs a warm, caring and orderly environment with regular routines and definite limits.
Our goal is guiding children’s behavior is to ensure their safety and assist in developing a positive self-image, as well as an awareness of others and the world around them.
We are very open and responsive to parent’s questions and comments about guidance. As in many other areas, consistency in guidance can be of great assistance to your child, and we will strive to work together on any concerns you may have.

Guidance and Discipline Strategies

Through interactions with the children, in all parts of the day, staff model problem solving techniques and non-hurtful communication, and assist the children with the same. We encourage children to use their words to solve their problems with other children. If a child’s problem is not resolved by talking to the other child(ren), we encourage them to come and ask a teacher for assistance. The teacher then guides the children involved through the discussion, inviting the children to tell each other how they are feeling, and generate fair solutions.
When a child has had several reminders that their actions are either unsafe, or are hurting another, staff will redirect the child to another area of the centre, reminding the child why, and that they are welcomed to try again in that area later (e.g. in five minutes, tomorrow, etc.).
Only in an extreme case where a child is obviously going to hurt either themselves, another child, or a teacher, will the child be gently held and temporarily removed further from the main group. When in a safe place and with calming words, the child will be released and assisted to calm themselves so that the situation can be discussed.